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KAY DP - Slurry & Gel

For the most dependable performance in lapping and polishing, specify KDP Diamond Gels - Slurries and Suspensions. We believe that the broader the choice or more exacting the viscosity, the better the performance you will achieve with Kay diamond solutions. Specify a custom-tailored formula for your application today and experience the difference.

Our KG2000 series is designed to be compatible with all petroleum distillates such as: alcohol, kerosene, and mineral spirits. KG4000 series is used with water soluble detergents and the KG6000 series is universally compatible. The evolution of synthetic diamond abrasives has shifted from oil-based distillates to water-based lubricants. At Kay, we offer a complete line of water-soluble suspensions in virtually any micron size.

Available in 125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and larger bottles at your request.



Custom sizes

Carrier consistency

Concentrates available

Easy to use & cleanup

Environmentally safe

Extended shelf life




Prices on request

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